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Response to The Star article entitled “Beware these slick phonies”

Counterfeit RM100 Banknotes are of low quality

This is with reference to the article entitled "Beware these slick phonies" published in The Star on 4 September 2017.

The Bank would like to reiterate that incidences of counterfeit banknotes remain low and were isolated cases. Any insinuation that the incidences of counterfeit notes are prevalent will cause undue public consternation. The Bank views seriously any reports on counterfeit banknotes.

The Bank has been working closely with the Royal Malaysia Police to promptly act on reports lodged related to counterfeit banknotes, including for the cases reported in the media article.

Contrary to certain report, the Bank and the police have not detected any high quality counterfeit banknotes printed using paper resembling actual banknote paper and state-of-the-art banknote printing techniques. The counterfeit banknotes detected are of low quality, mostly printed on normal paper using ordinary colour printers/copiers and can be easily distinguished from genuine banknotes by using a simple sense of touch and sight. Members of the public should be able to identify these counterfeit banknotes.

Members of the public are also required to lodge a police report immediately if they have received any banknotes suspected to be counterfeit. This will facilitate prompt investigation into the matter.

The Bank together with the banking industry has in place adequate safeguard measures to ensure that counterfeit banknotes are not passed through the financial system including the ATM network. A Guideline on Handling of Suspected Counterfeit Banknotes was issued to the banking industry that outlined the steps to be adhered by commercial banks, cash handlers, tellers and outsourced Cash-in-Transit security companies in handling suspected counterfeit banknotes deposited by members of the public over the counter or those discovered during cash processing.

Malaysian banknotes incorporate the latest security features that are difficult to counterfeit. Members of the public, including retailers, are advised to be vigilant when handling banknotes by applying the “Feel, Look, Tilt & Check” guide as follows:

  1. Feel the paper quality and raised print on genuine banknotes
    • Paper banknotes are textured and polymer banknotes are made of special plastic
    • Both paper and polymer banknotes have raised print effect on the portrait of the first Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong and texts  
  2. Look at the banknote under white light background and observe the following features:
    • 3-dimensional portrait watermark, perfect see through register and clear window will be visible
    • Continuous line of security thread will be visible  
  3. Tilt the banknotes to inspect the colour change on the hologram stripe and security thread
    • Security thread that change colour
    • Thread with ‘Hibiscus Flower’ icon on RM100 banknote that move when tilted  
  4. Check the banknotes using simple equipment to inspect the following:
    • the micro text lettering through magnifying glass; and
    • the 2-colour fluorescent element, text and logo and security fiber colour (red, yellow and blue) under Ultra Violet (UV) light.

To know more about the features of Malaysian banknotes, the public are encouraged to download the Bank’s My Ringgit Mobile App from the Apple iOS App Store or the Google Play Store. The App provides an interactive guide to the security features of the Malaysian currency.

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04 Sep 2017


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