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Alert on SMS Scam and Fake Website Involving Bank Negara Malaysia Name

Bank Negara Malaysia (Bank) is aware of an SMS that claims to be from the Bank, directing the recipient to a website which requests for personal information.

The Bank does not send any SMS from 15888 (or any other service providers) which says "Charges RM0.50 BNM, Bank memberikan 3% subsidi.". The link opens up to a fake website requesting you to update/ confirm your identity or banking credentials.

Members of the public are advised to ignore such messages or anything similar. This is to protect them from becoming victims of phishing, identity theft or malicious malware.

The Bank will never request for personal information or clarification via SMS, telephone call, email, social media or any messaging app.

The public is advised to contact BNMTELELINK at 1300-88-5465 or email to report or enquire on suspicious text messages, emails or instant messages received that are related to the Bank.

Always be cautious to avoid becoming a scam victim.

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